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The “historic” Tour de France for the Israeli group “Israel Startup Nation”, around the corner – and now comes the preliminary test of the group and its Israeli climber Guy Niv. “I know I have to prove myself and now is the time and this is the place. I have been preparing for this opportunity for the last few months,” Niv told Schwung. Just a little over two weeks before the team’s historic milestone in the Tour de France, another test moment for it arrives today (Wednesday).

The composition of the team for the Dopina column Photo: Noa Arnon

This test is called the “dopina column” (or criterion dopina) and is considered the ancestor of mountain racing that few are tougher on. This time due to the corona, it is shortened to five days on the mountains in central France – when all stages will end with an ascent and the riders will climb no less than 27 significant and graded ascents. Now you can add to the cauldron the cluster of the best climbing riders in the world that includes past Tour de France winners (Chris Fromm and Grant Thomas) or present (Bernal Basin) and here is a huge pressure cooker. The opportunity to win a ticket to the squad for the Tour de France The biggest teams in the world pass here.

Israel Startup Nation sends experienced riders to the race, led by the Irishman Dan Martin, but also its senior Israeli climber, Guy Niv. For Niv, this is an important test to prove that he deserves to be selected for the column and make history as the first Israeli rider in the prestigious race in the world. “I’ve been waiting and preparing for the opportunity for months and I’m glad it’s coming,” Niv said. “Not just for the team, it’s a test for me too. See how I cope with what awaits me here. I believe I will succeed, but I have to prove it every day. ”

“I have been waiting and preparing for this opportunity for months.” Guy Niv | Photo: Noa Arnon

Although Niv managed to finish the Giro d’Italia last season, it is probably an exceptionally intense test, especially since this is his first race in many months. “He will have to find out what his body is capable of and push himself to meet it,” French team sporting director Lionel Marie said. “He has nothing to be stressed about. Just be calm and adapt, because if he chooses to form the team for the column – that’s what awaits him.”

Dupina’s Startup Nation lineup will include: Andre Greifel – Germany, Guy Niv – Israel, Hugo Hofstetter – France, Dan Martin – Ireland, Christs Nailand – Latvia, Nils Polit – Germany, Mats Schmids – Denmark.

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