Guy Haimov: It is impossible to define the period at Maccabi Haifa as a success


“So what did we have in Haifa, ups and downs, successes along with failures, countless struggles, injury, Corona and all of these I learned mostly about myself and my family – and a lot! So true, my two years at Maccabi Haifa can not be defined as a professional success, but all struggles “The externality that a player experiences on the mental side on all sides of the profession, is actually the real struggle and I try to always take the good things and look at the half full glass from those moments I experienced at the club, and there were quite a few moments like that.”

Haimov went on to write: “The second year actually sums up my time in Haifa, a year that began fantastically (Strasbourg) and ended with a complex shoulder surgery and a supreme power that has been hovering over us all for half a year. “Even during the closing days of the Corona, a special thank you to the medical staff without whom all this would not have happened. I was happy to meet good people along the way, good luck to the friends in the first game tonight.”


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