Guus Meeuwis and fans ‘deeply impressed’ from the first performance in Club So many


“I am still deeply impressed.” That is what Guus Meeuwis says on Sunday morning after his first performance in his Club Z much, as pop stage 013 in Tilburg is called in the near future. This now that the singer will give 38 concerts in the near future. Saturday evening kicked off the series of concerts.

Before that performance, Guus indicated that he expected it to be very special. And that expectation has come true for the singer, according to his reaction on Instagram. “When singing and dancing are replaced by attention, laughter, listening, feeling and sharing, silence can be deafening and the most beautiful. Just like the applause afterwards,” he writes.

He also indicates that he is looking forward to the upcoming shows. And that goes for many of his fans, according to the comments below the post. “Guess tonight,” write several Guus fans, for example. “And sleep a few more nights and then we may” or “until tonight Guus”.

‘So beautiful, so special’
Fans who were already there on Saturday evening indicate that they enjoyed Guus in the intimate setting of Club So Much. “It was great to be there”, “So beautiful, so special!”, “Thank you for a wonderful evening”, “It was fantastic. Thanks, thanks, thanks ‘,’ It was different! It was intimate! It was beautiful! ” and ‘The silence was very special’ are some of the reactions.

De Tilburger releases his new album ‘Deel Z much’ for the first time in his own club. Every night there is room for four hundred visitors. The idea came about when all of his shows were canceled due to the corona virus.

38 shows for now
Guus gives the concerts ‘as long as there is interest in them’ and as long as the RIVM guidelines allow it. There are currently 38 shows planned, a large part of which is already sold out.


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