GTST colleagues support Ferry Doedens heart


After about eleven years of being part of Good times Bad Times Ferry says goodbye to his role as Lucas Sanders. It came as a shock to his fans, but his colleagues are also struggling with it. Ferri Somogyi, who plays Rik de Jong in the show, responds under Ferry’s Instagram post. In this, the actor indicates that he closes the chapter ‘in a pleasant way’, but is ‘not feeling well’.

Not only Ferri wishes his near namesake the best. Alkan Çöklü (Amir), Everon Jackson Hooi (Bing), Marly van der Velden (Nina), Tamara Brinkman (Saskia) and Babette van Veen (Linda) also show their condolences on Instagram. Robin Martens, who said goodbye to the program in 2017, is also sorry for Ferry. “Gosh neighbor! Be tough, ‘says Patrick Martens, who briefly appeared as Morris, addressing his former colleague.

Ferry’s namesake goes GTST in any case, do not leave. Ferri tells in Good Times, Summer Times that love is lurking both on set and in real life. You can see it in the video below.


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