Groenewegen emotional: ‘Sorry for my mistake’ | Cycling


“I made a mistake in that sprint by deviating from my line. I regret that. I hope that things will soon improve with Fabio ”, Groenewegen said in an emotional interview with the WE. Jakobsen sustained multiple serious injuries to his face and was placed in an artificial coma for several days. The 23-year-old sprinter woke up from this on Friday morning.

Groenewegen, who has broken his collarbone, is kept aside by his team until the UCI disciplinary committee has ruled on the matter. Groenewegen looks back on the last seconds of the sprint. “You don’t think a lot anymore, except that you want to be the first to cross the finish line. It all happened so quickly, the fences flew over the road. Then you lie on the ground and you see great havoc. Then you hear all kinds of things and those are not pleasant things. ”

Groenewegen breaks down when he thinks back to the moment when he perceived how Jakobsen was doing. “I immediately saw that it was not very pleasant. You immediately see his teammates standing around him and then you immediately see that it is not very good. I can only hope things get better soon. Sorry for my mistake. It’s a sprint, and I made a mistake in that. I can now only hope that Fabio will recover soon. ”

“I only thought about Fabio and his family. I haven’t slept much yet, no ”, says Groenewegen in tears. “I’m not looking at social media right now. Of course I will stay informed of the news of how Fabio is doing. Hopefully he will recover quickly and we can have great duels in the future. I have not had any contact with his environment. I think it is not the right time yet. ”


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