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Pijnacker-Nootdorp – The corona approach is aimed at getting the virus under maximum control, not overloading healthcare and protecting vulnerable people in society.

In the run-up to the summer period, we have seen the importance of continuing to comply with the measures. Infections declined and this gradually allowed us to relax the measures.

Fortunately, many people still observe the basic rules. But what worries the government is that there are also a lot of people who do not do this. “We see that reflected in the recent outbreaks. If we do not turn the tide together, then we risk losing control of the spread of the corona virus again. And we will forfeit the gains we have made together in recent months.” Prime Minister Mark Rutte told a press conference tonight.

“That is why we support local administrators to use their powers to get the corona virus under control and we will tighten up some national measures. That may mean that additional measures can be imposed locally, in addition to the national measures in force,” said Rutte.

The measurements
1. Educational institutions organize their introduction activities online as much as possible. Physical activities can only take place in small groups and are informative in nature. Study associations and student sports associations may only organize physical activities to the extent necessary for the introduction of the study or sport. Physical meetings take place in small groups, have an end time of 10 p.m. at the latest and no alcohol is consumed. The management of the relevant educational institution and the chairman of the safety region must give permission for the activities. Physical recruitment and introduction activities by student associations are not allowed.

2. The catering industry goes for both indoor and outdoor, regardless of the size of the catering establishment, works on the basis of reservation (in advance or at the door), a health check and the allocation of a permanent seat (placement) at a table or at the bar . In addition, all visitors are asked to register. Visitors leave their name and contact details so that the GGD can contact them in the event of an infection related to the catering establishment.

3. If GGD detects source contamination, the chairmen of the safety region will impose a maximum of 14 days’ closure of recreational institutions (such as cinemas, catering establishments, amusement parks, theater, museums, etc.).

4. Initially at Schiphol, but later also at other locations, a test street will be set up for travelers from risk areas. On arrival, travelers are tested and quarantined at home. Those who do not get tested on arrival will go to home quarantine for 14 days.

5. The chairpersons of the safety regions have options to prevent and control trouble spots of the coronavirus. These local and regional measures focus on adhering to the basic rules and on avoiding crowds so that the virus does not spread further.

The Safety Regions can, for example, proceed to:
– limit the opening hours of the catering industry; – introduce behavioral measures such as a mouth mask requirement at outdoor locations;
– close locations such as a park or shopping center;
– close parking facilities, such as a parking space near the beach or city center;
– manage public and traffic flows in busy places;
– enforcing the basic rules and supervising compliance with agreements within sectors;
– prohibiting large-scale gatherings such as banning the public from a football stadium or during training sessions. They will also start to enforce more strictly if this proves necessary.

The most important thing is that we all get back to grips with the virus. It is crucial that we keep 1.5 meters away from others and follow the ground rules. Also at home. Right at home. Take into account the number of guests you can receive at home at 1.5 meters. Make sure that your guests can observe the hygiene measures. No hugs, not next to each other on the couch. Many people appear to be infected, especially in the home situation.

“And it also remains unimpaired that everyone stays at home in case of complaints and has themselves tested. This can prevent the greatest part of the infections. If the test result is positive, source and contact research will follow. This also strengthens the view of the spread. This allows us to make quick and targeted adjustments and to prevent the spread of the virus where the virus flares up, “says Rutte.


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