Greens and liberals jointly put pressure on preformer …


In a remarkable joint press release, the Greens and Liberals express their concern about the institutional plans of preformers Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS). ‘Their approach leads to an even more complex structure and settings.’

The press release from the four parties is very remarkable. The Greens and Liberals have expressed their substantive concerns, but above all they are increasing the pressure. After all, preformers Magnette and De Wever are negotiating with both the liberals and the greens for the formation of a federal government. Both families will be left behind like this.

The Greens and Liberals note in the joint press release that time is running out and ask the preformers to clarify the coalition they prefer. “The liberal and green families refuse to participate in an auction, in which they are pitted against each other to determine who can join the future government.” It is clear that the Greens and Liberals do not like weeks of uncertainty.

In the press release, they also express their shared concern about the institutional plans. ‘Ecolo and Groen, MR and Open VLD obviously want to contribute to a Belgium that works more efficiently, at the service of our residents and their concerns every day,’ it sounds. However, such reforms require thorough preparation and sufficient consultation. Certain powers can be regionalized, but others just re-federalized to increase efficiency. For us, institutional reforms are always a means, never an end in itself. ‘

The socialist trade union is also afraid of the institutional plans of Magnette and De Wever. A further regionalization of Work and Healthcare will not pass, they warn.


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