Green construction will be charged throughout the country; The Minister of the Interior has signed the binding regulations – the center of affairs


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri: “This is real news for the residents of Israel. The new regulations will contribute to raising the quality of construction in Israel and reducing gaps between the cities of the center and the periphery. The lives of the residents ”


Minister of Environmental Protection, Gila Gamliel: ‘This is an environmental revolution, joining local and international efforts to protect the environment. Green construction ensures tenants a quality of life at their mothers’ door and in their living environment over the years, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, construction waste hazards and exposure to harmful substances. Economical and efficient buildings are already being built in Tel Aviv and Raanana, and from today also in Tirat Carmel, Maalot and Sakhnin. A building erected today will stand on its own for 50 and 100 years. We will ensure that it will be the best since its inception and at this time. ”
Director General of the Planning Administration, Dalit Zilber: “The signed green building standard that was voluntary becomes binding and will do social justice. Those who have not benefited from the standard to date were mainly residents of the periphery and we are changing that. The obligation in the green building standard is one step “Green could lead to savings of about 20% -30% in energy consumption in buildings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cities and reduce the need to establish expensive and complex energy infrastructure.”

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and Minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamliel agreed last night (Wednesday, August 26) that green building regulations will be enforced throughout the State of Israel. The Minister of the Interior, Aryeh Deri, signed the Green Building Regulations (T.I. 5281) which will enter into force throughout the country starting next year – March 2021 and gradually for all types of buildings. The regulations were promoted by the Planning Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in consultation with the local government. The country, the Green Building Council and many other factors.

The Israeli standard for green construction is an original and modern standard that is updated from time to time. Until now the green building standard has been voluntary and after the start of regulations it will become mandatory. Construction according to the standard contributes in a wide range of aspects to raising the quality of life for building users and the general public, including by saving energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health by shading, natural light and ventilation, “green” building materials, improving construction quality and more.

Beyond the environmental aspects, it is about redressing social injustice. Until today, the green building standard was binding only in the strong localities – in the cities of the 15th Forum that decided to adopt the standard in their area and not in the peripheral localities. So in fact while the residents of the powerful cities benefit from the energy efficiency of the buildings and financial savings in the costs of electricity and water – the residents of the peripheral cities are left behind.

For comparison, between 2014 and 2017, only 32 plans were approved that require green building outside the cities of the 15th Forum compared to about 400 plans approved in the cities of the 15th Forum.

Recall, in March the National Planning and Building Council unanimously decided to make the green building standard a mandatory standard.


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