Great disappointment after arson at toy loan Schilderswijk: ‘Very pointless’


Children can borrow sports and play materials from Haagse Hopje, such as skipping ropes, balls, tricycles, bicycles, go-karts, scooters, runners and dump trucks. ‘It went very well. During the corona period, children may need it even more than usual, ‘says the spokesman. ‘It’s a positive initiative and this arson is really pointless. The disappointment is great. ‘

The extent of damage to the building and to the sports and games equipment is currently being assessed. The organization is also looking at what needs to be done to be able to reopen. “There is no reason to take extra measures for the other branches now, but we do need to discuss how to proceed,” says the spokesperson. The Hague Hopje on the Jacob van Campenplein has been the target of arson before.

Third, restless evening and night

For the third night and night in a row it has been restless in the Schilderswijk in The Hague. On Friday evening, a group of about fifty young people gathered on the Vaillantlaan. Mayor Van Zanen issued an emergency order. When officers sent the young people away, they did not respond, the police report. They threw rocks and fireworks at the officers.

During the night, small groups remained in the vicinity of the Vaillantlaan and the Hoefkade. Police have made 27 arrests and seized six scooters. The arrests were for violation of the mayor’s emergency order, public assault, sedition, insult and threat.

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