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מימין: שפיגלר, נתניהו, כ"ץ

Right: Spiegler, Netanyahu, KatzPhoto: Haim Tzach / GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today (Sunday) with Finance Minister Israel Katz and National Insurance Director General Meir Spiegler at the beginning of the transfer of a “grant for every citizen” to the bank’s accounts.

Netanyahu said, “Today is a day in a row. As we promised, another forty thousand businesses today received another pulse of help and also 99.57% of Israeli children, who are three million children in 1,250,000 families.

” We promised and kept bringing the grants to children, families and businesses quickly. There will be more plans. This is a big news, “the prime minister added.

Finance Minister Israel Katz: “We promised that this time it would happen quickly, and today the money for three million children went into the bank account. We promised that this time it would happen quickly, and over forty thousand small self-employed people today received the money into their bank account.

“It will go on and on – the Social Security will pass on to more and more parents, adults, recipients of benefits, discharged male and female soldiers and to everyone we have decided all the money and double benefits.”

Minister Katz added, “At the same time, all the businesses, all the self-employed, all the employees we promised to meet the criteria – will receive unemployment benefits for a year, will receive grants – wage grants and business grants – for a year, and the businesses themselves will receive the assistance.”

National Insurance Director General Meir Spiegler: “First of all, as the Prime Minister pointed out, all the children in the State of Israel, in the full sense of the word – their parents, received the money this morning. The money, to the banks During the week, we will transfer the balance of the grants to all residents of the State of Israel: those who receive a double grant and those who will receive the basic grant.

” We are doing everything to ensure that the grants go to the accounts of all those eligible by the end of this week, at most – the beginning of next week. Those who do not have their bank accounts – we will transfer the money they deserve to the post office bank, they will be required to get there, identify themselves, and receive the money in cash. There will not be one who does not receive the grant he deserves, “Spiegler promised.

Video (ascended to serve): Roi Avraham / GPO


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