Grant for each citizen: The CEO of the National Insurance Institute answers all the questions


The “Grant for Every Citizen” program kicks off this morning (Sunday), during which time the grants for the children are transferred to the bank accounts. What about the other grants, what do those who do not have an active bank account do and what grants will IDF soldiers receive? Meir Spiegler, director general of the National Insurance Institute, answered the burning questions in the “Morning News”.

Are the grants already in the bank accounts?

“The grants for the children were already transferred on Friday through the MSB, this morning everyone will see the grant for their children, all without exception. Up to the fourth child NIS 500 per child, from the fifth child onwards NIS 300 per child. ”

What about the personal grant of NIS 750?

“These grants will come during the week. We are not able to transfer all the money in one go, this is a very large amount of money transfer activity to accounts. We will transfer it during the week in packages, hopefully in a few days. Maybe by the beginning of next week everyone will get to them”.

What happens if I do not have a bank account?

“Those who do not have their bank accounts with the National Insurance Institute, we will transfer what they deserve to the post office bank. Each of them will come to the branch closest to him, identify himself and receive the grant he deserves. In addition, we are currently working on several means to collect the bank accounts We have them with us. Every day we reduce the number of these people, among other things through the Social Security website, a system of personal call center and a digital call center. People will call, all they have to do is enter their ID card and bank account number. “The same goes for Social Security branches. Anyone who still wants to go to one of the branches will be able to put their bank account in there. Those whose bank accounts do not reach us will be required to go to the post office bank and receive the money in cash.”

What happens if I have a limited account?

“It is impossible to touch this money for 30 days. We are in touch with the bank executives, as we did at the time ahead of the Passover grant, so we sent a letter to all the bank executives to remind them that they can do nothing with the grants. So be it in this case.” .

To whom does the grant go in the case of divorced parents?

“The grant for the children goes to a parent who regularly receives the child allowance. For the 750 shekels, the money goes to each of the parents separately.”

If I have a child last weekend, will I receive a grant?

“Yes, the money will be transferred to anyone who has had children from July 15 to the end of July. We will check the data in early August and transfer the money to them.”

Will adults and the disabled receive double grants?

“General disability will receive double benefits, adults who have a nursing allowance will receive double benefits, those who have income supplement will not receive double benefits.”

Why do parents of polio children not receive a grant?

“According to what has been in the law, they are not supposed to receive, because that is the definition of those entitled to a double grant. There is all kinds of talk about it. I do not know what the decision will be in the end, at the moment they are not entitled to a double grant.”

A soldier who is released next week will receive NIS 500?

“Certainly, the soldiers receive NIS 750 from the National Insurance Institute and another NIS 500 from the Fund for Discharged Soldiers. Everyone who is released from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, will receive the additional NIS 500.”

From what amount of income will they not receive a grant?

“Of the amount of NIS 651,000 per year from all possible places, that is, not necessarily only in a profession. People who earn this amount per year gross from all the sources for which money can be obtained, will not receive the grant.”

An income guarantee holder will receive double benefits until June?

“Positive, the recipients of income support, income supplement and alimony will also receive a double grant. Those who receive 750 will receive NIS 1,500 in this context.”


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