Grant for each citizen: how much did they receive and is there cause for concern if the money did not arrive?


A grant program for each citizen was launched earlier this week, and now Social Security is updating who has already received the money and when the distribution will end. In total, out of about NIS 6.5 billion, about NIS 4 billion has been paid so far – 61.4%.

At the beginning of the week, the insurance began to transfer the payment for the “child grant” – NIS 500 per family for each child under the age of 18 to the fourth child, and from the fifth child onwards an additional NIS 300. Indeed the payment for this group was made at a rate of almost 100%.

● Questions and Answers: How much will you receive, when and how?

The adult grant of NIS 750 (or NIS 1,500 for those entitled to an increased grant) has so far been paid to half of those eligible. The National Insurance Institute reports that more than 540,000 people do not have a verified account, so the payment cannot be transferred to them. The main age group that lacks bank accounts is ages 18-21.

The biggest problem is in Jerusalem, where more than 75,000 people do not have a verified account, twice as many as in the other cities. Social Security continues to pay eligible people, and CEO Meir Spiegler said, “We continue to work around the clock to complete the task as early as next week. It is important to remember that the eligibility is valid for an entire year and there will be no citizen who does not receive the grant from the National Insurance Institute. “


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