Gordon about huge knockout race: ‘So good that everything is nicer’


Gordon seems blissfully happy with his healthier lifestyle. He proudly lets his followers know that he is more than 10 kilos lighter through life. ‘From the 112.8 to 101.07 thanks to healthy eating, sports and the gastric balloon! Very happy, ‘he writes. “So good that everything looks much nicer and you feel better.” There is enough reason to be proud of this achievement. Despite being clean for ten months, Gordon lost control of his drinking and drug use at the beginning of the corona period.

“Corona broke up, my businesses came to a standstill, the talk show with Patty that we had been doing for six years suddenly fell away,” he said. “My therapy dropped, the AA meetings dropped. I had no more booze at home, but then you go looking anyway.”

Gordon still had many ‘KLM houses’ with booze in the house, which he sought refuge in. “I couldn’t go out to the supermarket. So I broke open the KLM houses, I’m ashamed to death. I was deeply disappointed in myself.” The singer then also called an old dealer of whom he still had a number and ordered drugs again. “You think: breed it, the whole world is at home. I don’t hurt anyone with it. That went on for four days, I lost control again.”

The fact that he has now found his way back to a healthy life does not mean that it is all going smoothly. Gordon had trouble with the gastric balloon, as he tells in the video below.


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