Google Maps back on the Apple Watch with new app


The search giant previously had an Apple Watch app from Google Maps, but it was pulled from the App Store in 2017 for no apparent reason.

The new app should be especially useful when traveling a previously saved route, according to Google. After all, it is difficult to enter a destination without a keyboard. Google Maps will then show you where to take a turn and when exactly you will arrive.

The Watch app competes with Apple’s own map service, which has been available for the watch for a long time.


Apple made a new version of its car dashboard CarPlay available in iOS 13.4. Since then, a large map of a navigation app has been on the first page of the interface. Until now it worked with Apple’s own Maps app, but after the Google Maps update, this app can also show maps on this screen.

According to Google, the new CarPlay function works immediately, provided you are running the most recent version of the app. The Apple Watch app will be gradually made available in the coming weeks.


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