Google Files will soon receive a safe folder


Do you already rely on Google to manage your files? Files does that in a well-organized manner and soon that can also be extra safe.

Files from Google is a handy Android app that helps you keep an overview on your smartphone. There is now also a safe storage, so you can protect sensitive files extra.

The Files app ensures that your files are neatly divided into categories, including Images, Downloads and Videos, but according to Google, a smartphone is often shared, for example with children who want to quickly watch a movie. In such cases, it is a good idea to safely store important files. This is already possible in many file managers that you find on your smartphone as standard and it is therefore logical that Google adds such functionality to their own app.

Google Files safe folder
This is how the safe folder in Google Files works.

150 million Files users

So it is nothing new, but it is an important addition. Google says that approximately 150 million people worldwide use the app. Since its launch in 2017, the app has already deleted over 1 trillion useless files (in the form of suggestions within the app) and saved over 400 petabytes of disk space on phones using cloud storage. About 5,000 photos are uploaded per second.

The secure folder will be protected with a 4-digit PIN and will be locked from the moment you close the folder. Taking screenshots is also not possible. Google first tests the Safe Folder in beta, but it is expected that the functionality will roll out to all users soon.


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