Google Chrome says goodbye to Chrome Apps, but …


Google also comes with two new options for Google Chrome and the search engine.

One of the things that Google is known for is the fact that they use their own Google Chrome Apps. These were intended to provide additional capabilities to Chrome OS users. Because the standard apps for browsers, the Progressive Web Apps (PWA), are now dominant, Google has pulled the plug from the project. However, they will offer benefits to users of Chrome OS in other ways. Google also appears to want to attack LinkedIn. We explain.

Google says goodbye to Chrome Apps

As mentioned, the Chrome Apps will come to an end, but to accommodate enthusiasts, they do not work with a single date, but phase out the Chrome Apps. The development of the Chrome Apps has secretly stopped since March, but they will continue to be used and Google will update them for the time being.

For private users of the Google Apps with Windows, Mac and Linux, support will end from June 2021. Business customers and individuals with Chrome OS can still work with Chrome Apps until June 2022, but after that it will be over. By using the same apps, the integration with Windows 10, among others, may go more smoothly.

Extensions for Chrome OS via Extensions

After the Chrome Apps, Google wants to continue to offer details for users of Google OS. For this she will give the Google extensions a new impulse. The tech giant indicates that it wants to continue this development and sees the channel for exclusive applications for members from now on. Of course, other new functions are also being developed.

Is Google going to challenge LinkedIn?

There will therefore no longer be a Chrome App for the newest function ‘People Cards’. This feature was launched by Google. She wants to bring more LinkedIn functionalities to Google. When you log in with your Google account and then look up your name in Google, you will be given the option to create a kind of digital business card. The business card is a kind of profile in which you can put all kinds of information about yourself and, for example, write a biography such as on LinkedIn. The more information you enter, the easier the search engine will find you.

Of course, abuse is lurking, but Google says it has taken measures. This allows users to create a maximum of 1 digital business card and you can report a card if you know or suspect that the account is fake.

Because their statistics show that Indians most often Google their own name, the new feature has been launched there today. Although it should be a worldwide rollout, nothing is yet known about any availability in the Netherlands.


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