Good news: The children’s and youth leagues are back


(Photo: Alan Schieber) | Photo: Sports 5
Good news for children and youth: In a special letter sent on behalf of the director general of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Raz Froelich, clarified that according to the regulations it will be possible to hold physical and sports activities – thus, in fact, open the various leagues at young ages, subject to instructions: Without an audience, with a distance of two meters, wearing masks, in separate capsules subject to compliance with the conditions and more.

The chairman of the Football Association, Oren Hasson, responded happily to the decision: “I would like to thank the Minister of Culture and Sports and the dedicated staff who work with him for restoring full sports activity in the football industry. The news is very important and enables the resumption of activities of the children’s and youth leagues, boys and girls. This is the base of the pyramid, on which the whole branch rests. We will continue, together with the Ministries of Sports and Health, in great efforts, to return to full activity also the amateur and women’s leagues soon. I hope that we have more good news in the near future. ”

As mentioned, the Youth Premier League was discontinued in March, like all amateur football, and a big doubt was placed on the existence of next season – a doubt that was removed tonight, following the letter from the director general of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Now, the association can renew the leagues. The women are still waiting for a solution.


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