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Good news sometimes disappears from That is why we make a daily overview of the positive and cheerful news.

Sound & Vision honors sign language interpreter Irma Sluis

The Hague sign language interpreter Irma Sluis will be honored for her efforts during the corona crisis. Her achievements during the past months will be discussed during a talk show at the Sound & Vision Museum in Hilversum.

The meeting will take place on September 2. The presentation is in the hands of Harm Edens. Organ Joke and Beau van Erven Dorens are also present to talk about how they experienced the corona period in the media.

Irma Sluis has already been honored with her own song. A new sea lock may also be named after her.

Fire brigade rescues dog from gutter of home in Eindhoven

The fire brigade in Eindhoven was out on Wednesday for a dog that got stuck in a gutter. The residents were not at home when the dog was in the gutter.

More and more bicycles are produced in the European Union

More and more bicycles are being produced in the European Union. In 2019, 11.4 million bicycles came off the assembly line in Europe, a plus of 5 percent compared to 2018.

Last year, Portugal was the largest producer of bicycles in Europe with 2.7 million units. The country has been making progress in bicycle production for years.

Last year, 2.1 million bicycles were made in Italy and another 1.5 million in Germany. Poland and the Netherlands complete the top five. The number of bicycles produced in our country amounted to about 700,000 copies in 2019.

Rare beaked whale turns up in Wassenaar

A beaked whale was sighted on Wednesday morning for the Wassenaarse Slag. This is special because this whale species usually lives in the deep sea, SOS Dolfijn reports.

Annemarie van den Berg of SOS Dolfijn explains that sightings of the beaked whale off the Dutch coast can be counted on two hands this century. Usually it does not end well. The last two reports were in 2017. In both cases the animals died after washing up.

The number of bankruptcies in the Netherlands is falling again

The number of Dutch companies that went bust was again lower in July than in the previous month. The number of bankruptcies has fallen for three months in a row and has now reached the lowest point since April 2000, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports Thursday.

The number of companies that went bankrupt in July was 204. That was 27 fewer than in June and 61 fewer than in May. This year’s peak was in April, when 335 companies went bust. April was the first month of lockdown from start to finish.

Fire brigade saves ten dogs from fire death

The fire brigade in the Drenthe town of Drouwenermond saved ten dogs from a terrible fire death on Wednesday. A fire had broken out in a detached house on the Zuiderdiep in the village.

Although the fire was under control fairly quickly, the damage in the house is very great, the Safety Region reports. Ten dogs were present in the building. These were all saved by the efforts of the firefighters, the police and a number of boas. They are housed with the neighbor.


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