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About a month ago, Google shared its vision for the future for the Gmail app. The mail application has to get all kinds of new functions, thanks to the integration of Chat, Meet and Rooms. The purpose of merging the different experiences has to do with working from home, among other things.

The new Gmail app for business users should become an all-in-one place for people who want to get a lot of work done from home. This way you need fewer apps and you don’t have to leave the e-mail environment. The new vision is now being rolled out. Initially only for G Suite users (the business market), but even then it is still a fairly limited launch. Google says that the rollout can take about 15 days before it is completed, but you have to meet a few conditions. It is not known when consumers can get started with the new version.

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Business Gmail offers extensive experience

Google places a new navigation bar at the bottom of the Gmail app for Android. On that bar we find shortcuts for Chat, Meet, Rooms and of course Mail. The buttons speak for themselves. Incidentally, the Meet button has already surfaced among various users, business users or not. The time had also come at our office, but luckily that button can also be removed via the settings.

When you tap on the Chat tab, you will get access to all your Google Chat conversations without having to download a second application. The same applies to the Meet tab, with which you can make video calls at lightning speed without a separate application. Rooms is part of Chat – with which you can cover specific topics – which is now also available within Gmail.

To access the new design of Gmail as a business user, your system administrator must set the G Suite organization as Chat preferred. This causes Hangouts to stop working, forcing everyone to use Chat. This change also automatically ensures that Gmail shows the new design.
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