Gmail app with Chat, Rooms and Meet is coming to G Suite


The app is initially only available on Android and will also be released for iOS later this year. In the new Gmail app you can directly edit, chat and video call received documents without having to switch between other apps.

According to Google, the new Gmail app should become an integrated workplace where professionals have everything at their fingertips in one app. The most important elements are collected at the bottom in four tabs:

  • Mail: the old, trusted Gmail environment you already know today on Android.
  • Chat: here you can chat with colleagues individually or in small groups.
  • Rooms: virtual spaces where you can chat and share files and tasks to better collaborate on a project in groups.
  • Meet: all (video) meetings that you can follow from the app are shown here.

The Meet video calling feature is available today with every Gmail user, regardless of whether you have G Suite or not. Mail has otherwise remained unchanged. The focus of the update is on Chat and Rooms.

Search Gmail and chat

In addition, you can now edit a shared document directly in the Gmail app. You no longer have to switch between other Google apps. Google Tasks is also making its way into Gmail with special settings for groups such as ‘do not disturb’ or ‘out of office’.


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