Girl shares photo of crowded school hallways, now facing death threats | Abroad


After the photo, it turned out that six students and three employees were infected with the corona virus. North Paulding High School in Dallas, USA, announced that it would close the school to carry out a thorough cleaning and switch to e-learning. The students are now welcome again.

Hannah tells CNN that she and her family have been given screenshots of conversations in which threats are made towards her. For example, it could be read: ‘I know where this girl lives’ and ‘Hannah is going to have a difficult day at school on Monday’.

“I know I’m doing the right thing and this isn’t going to stop me. But it is worrying, especially now that people I go to school with, who I have known for years, threaten me, ”says Hannah.

The teenager would initially be suspended for posting the photo, but that was withdrawn after her mother had a conversation with the head of the school. “They basically just sent us to school as guinea pigs to see what would happen. We just can’t go back if it’s not safe. ”


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