Ghost of Tsushima’s changes again based on your playing style


Ghost of Tsushima has a dynamic weather system that takes place in real time while Jin Sakai is saving his homeland from the invading Mongols. However, it has been revealed that more storms will occur as Jin goes deeper into the Ghost path.

Nate Fox, Creative Director of Ghost of Tsushima, told Gamespot, “The game is definitely written to create more storms when you do things that are extreme.”

Jin Sakai begins his journey as an honorable samurai, but to defeat his enemies who threaten his home, he must walk a more dishonorable path using stealth and striking from the shadows.

Mongols faced early must be eliminated by using the skills of a samurai, but Ghost of Tsushima gradually unlocks Ghost abilities for you as the difficulty increases, and players are then automatically encouraged to take advantage of them.

The weather follows Jin’s journey and starts much quieter. But if the player chooses to use the Ghost pad more as the game progresses, the storms become more common and areas become a bit darker, paralleling Jin’s evolution.

It’s important to remember that players can choose to change the weather with their whistle at any time, but this is a nice addition to a game that doesn’t have a traditional morality meter.


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