Ghost driver rams several cars: devastation enormous


A suspected wrong-way driver got involved in a serious traffic accident on Sunday evening on the Grote Baan in Houthalen-Helchteren (N74). The destruction is enormous: a total of fourteen vehicles are involved.

The multiple traffic accidents happened on the Grote Baan in Houthalen around 6 pm. According to a witness, the wrong-way driver had reached the intersections with Koolmijnlaan and Ringlaan at a speed of 120 km / h.

‘Four cars were hit at Dorpsstraat and nine more at Souwstraat,’ says the police department concerned CARMA. ‘The emergency services immediately went to the scene en masse. There are several seriously injured and injured. Some drivers were trapped in their vehicle. ” The medical intervention plan was also announced.

It is not clear what the exact circumstances are of the accident or what inspired the driver. The police are on the spot for investigation. The public prosecutor’s office also asked a traffic expert to investigate the circumstances.

The Grote Baan in the direction of Eindhoven was closed to traffic, a detour is planned. The police are asking to avoid the area.

The wrong-way driver caused collisions at the intersections with Koolmijnlaan and Ringlaan. The medical intervention plan was announced. Police of the zone CARMA have provided a detour for traffic that has to go from Hasselt to Eindhoven.


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