GGD raised the alarm in time, the Ministry of De Jonge did nothing –


The GGD already raised the alarm in July that the source and contact investigation was not going well. Minister De Jonge’s Ministry of Health ignored that alarm from the GGD and did nothing about it. NRC reveals that.

NRC: “In the memo of July 23, in possession of NRC, stated that the number of infections increased so quickly that the contact investigation could no longer be carried out according to ‘national standards’. In the event of a further increase in infections, it would be ‘not realistic’ to properly conduct that investigation. The GGD indicated that this could have major consequences for the strategy to prevent a new wave of the coronavirus: “The containment effect is therefore no longer sufficient.” The GGD also warned that “the actual number of patients is very likely considerably higher than the number of patients tested”. ”

The Ministry of VWS did nothing with that information. The result: now there is panic to get the source and contact investigation in order.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health, CDA) emphasized in the House of Representatives on Wednesday that he was only told one day after the press conference on 6 August that the source and contact investigation was under pressure. That the national upscaling was not ‘adequate’ had only become clear to him ‘in the last week’, De Jonge said.

So that’s not true.

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