GGD: Number of corona infections at Eindhoven Airport is increasing sharply NOW


The number of travelers at Eindhoven Airport infected with the corona virus is increasing sharply. The number has almost quadrupled in the past two weeks, the GGD confirms Monday after reporting it Eindhoven Daily.

It now concerns about 26 infected passengers. Two weeks ago, there were only seven. The actual number of infected passengers can be even higher, because not everyone with complaints can be tested.

The infected passengers were spread over 21 flights. It is still unknown which flights are involved. The GGD has started a source and contact investigation to find out who the infected patients have come into contact with.

Last weekend, Eindhoven Airport processed about ten thousand travelers a day, which is a lot less than in recent years around this time. The airport tries to minimize the risk of the virus spreading.

For example, face masks are mandatory and the terminal is only accessible to travelers. Travelers must also complete a health certificate before traveling.


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