GGD: “No new corona cases on Monday, possibly an increase in positive tests in the coming days


DOKKUM – The counter of the number of people who have tested positive for corona and are part of the outbreak in Dokkum remains at eighteen for the time being. No new cases were added on Monday. Nevertheless, GGD Fryslân takes into account that the number of Dokkumers who will receive a positive result will increase in the coming days. Marcel de Jong of the GGD: “We do know that many people from the Dokkum region are being tested for the corona virus, no positive tests on Monday, does not mean that we have already gotten rid of it.”

In any case, it is clear that some of the positively tested persons with complaints continued to go through this month. They did not wait for the results of the test at home or did not follow the quarantine rules. An image that is unfortunately recognizable for GGD Fryslân and also for other GGDs in the Netherlands.

Where GGD Fryslân strongly disapproves of such behavior, this is not punishable. Current quarantine measures are voluntary. Mandatory quarantine by law requires many more steps and is currently not happening.

In recent days, many questions have been received about the assumption expressed by GGD Fryslân on Saturday that the virus could have been transmitted on a terrace in Dokkum. GGD Fryslân cannot establish with 100 percent certainty that this happened, but it does find it very plausible. The young people involved kept too little distance from each other on a terrace. There was hardly any wind. As a result, it is just as possible for GGD Fryslân that the virus was passed on on a terrace as in the pub where they went. From a public health point of view, GGD Fryslân considered it important to make this information public this weekend.

The call remains to keep a sufficient distance, also in the open air and to have a test taken in case of complaints and to wait for the results at home.

Source: GGD Fryslân


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