GGD is looking for Amsterdam café visitors after discovering clusters


GGD is looking for Amsterdam café visitors after discovering clusters

Three catering establishments in Amsterdam have (partially) closed their doors after coronavirus infections were registered this week. The GGD in Amsterdam asks people who have been to the cafes to be tested and to stay at home if they have complaints. In a statement, the GGD writes that it is very concerned about these clusters.

According to the health service, this concerns the café In the City at the Klein Gartmanplantsoen, to which ten infections could be traced. The bar will close for at least two weeks. Four infections could be traced to the bar area of ​​No Rules on Marie Heinekenplein. That part of the cafe is also closed for two weeks.

A staff member of the café Zwart op de Dam worked with Covid-19 for a few days. As a precaution, the interior of the catering facility is closed and the GGD asks people who have been there in recent days to contact us and have them tested.

Earlier it turned out that Amsterdam is currently one of the hot spots in terms of infections in the Netherlands. In a week, the number of infections in Amsterdam doubled to more than 300. In the statement, due to the high number of infections in the private sphere and at parties, the GGD asks that everyone remain alert to compliance with the corona rules and keep sufficient distance, even during going out”.

Not only did the catering industry intervene in Amsterdam, a café was also inspected in Utrecht. Beers & Barrels was fined on Thursday for having too many people inside and not keeping enough distance. A birthday had previously been celebrated in the same café, after which the virus was detected by several people present. Koninklijke Horeca Nederland speaks of “excesses of individual cases, which are certainly not representative of the catering industry in Amsterdam, Utrecht or the Netherlands.” However, the representative contacted a number of the relevant catering establishments. “The one and a half meter distance is a major challenge , but any contamination is one too many. We must take responsibility together. ”

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Welcome to a new blog

In this blog, NRC will keep up with the most important news about the corona crisis on Friday. These were Friday’s highlights:

  • Travelers who come from risk areas not mandatory in home insulation. However, the ‘urgent advice’ remains in force to stay at home for two weeks. Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport (CDA) informed the House of Representatives after advice from the Outbreak Management Team.
  • The past 24 hours have been in the Netherlands 338 new infections detected with the corona virus. Most new infections were found in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. The number of Covid-19 patients in Dutch intensive care units increased by five to nineteen.
  • In March and April, at least 6,331 people died from the effects of the coronavirus, much more than previously reported. In addition, physicians in 1,956 people suspected someone had died of Covid-19, based on their clinical picture.
  • The economies of the nineteen countries the eurozone shrank by 12.1 percent in the second quarter compared to the first three months of the year. According to Eurostat, this is the sharpest drop since measurements began in 1995.

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