GGD is fed up: ‘This is mopping with the tap open’


There were already concerns about the increasing number of corona infections, but if the people of Amsterdam continue to deal with the virus as they do now, then there is no stopping it for the GGD.

“Our concerns are also in the behavior we see,” says Anja Schreijer, head of infectious diseases at the GGD. “If we speak to people that they have trouble sharing contacts with us, that they have trouble staying in isolation at home.

“We see people who just go to work while they have complaints, even if they have been tested positive,” Schreijer continues. “Those are really worrisome things and then it’s really mopping with the tap open.”

“Otherwise it makes no sense”

The question is therefore whether the GGD is capable of performing its main task in this way: conducting good source and contact research. Schreijer: ‘We do our utmost, but we really need Amsterdammers for that. Otherwise it makes no sense at some point. ”

Watch the entire interview in the video at the top of this article.


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