GGD: checking health checks at Van Rooi Meat | Inland


According to the NOS, employees of the slaughterhouse from Helmond have stated that they have worked with corona complaints in the past two months. They dare not report that they have complaints or are ill, for fear of losing their job. A number of employees state that they have been instructed to lie. They say that a company executive instructed them to ask if they are sick ticking “no” on health statements, which should be completed daily.

The GGD says that Van Rooi Meat has been addressed by the GGD and the Safety Region on the state of affairs. “Lying on health statements is unacceptable,” said GGD director Ellis Jeurissen. “This erodes the ground under this control. The company has been held accountable for this. People should have the freedom to fill in the statements honestly. ”


Van Rooi Meat was closed for some time at the end of May due to a large number of corona infections among the staff. After two weeks, the company was allowed to open again, but one of the measures was that all employees had to fill in a health certificate every morning at the gate. Anyone who says he has complaints must go home. But employees would have said to the NIS that they do not do this for fear of their job. “If I had said the truth, I probably wouldn’t be able to return,” one of them told the state broadcaster.

Director Marc van Rooi denies to the NOS that the staff have been instructed to lie. “To my knowledge this did not happen. And when we hear it, we take action. We only have one interest and that is to keep the factory corona-free. ” He also says that employees who are instructed to lie can report to confidential counselors and that there is a whistleblower policy.

Next steps

The security region will discuss the situation around Van Rooi Meat on Monday at a regional meeting, according to a spokesperson. According to the NOS, the safety region will consult with the Labor Inspectorate and NVWA in the coming period about possible follow-up steps against Van Rooi Meat.


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