Gett has signed a partnership with OLA in the UK


Gett has signed a strategic partnership with travel agency OLA in the UK. The collaboration between the companies will enable Gett’s business customers to receive OLA customs service worldwide, through the Gett SaaS platform. At the same time, OLA drivers will enjoy a large number of trips coming from Gett’s business customers.

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OLA was established in 2011 and is the largest mobility platform in India and one of the largest companies in the world serving over 250 cities across India, UK, Australia and New Zealand. OLA’s app offers transportation solutions in a wide variety of vehicle types with over 2 million drivers worldwide. OLA has expanded across the UK since its launch and operates across 26 local authorities and cities including Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry and Liverpool.

Ceremonial divorce Photo: Gett

Gett’s SaaS solution for the business sector enables the company’s business customers to enjoy access to diverse automotive services worldwide through strategic partnerships with leading companies in the field, Gett recently announced that it has completed an additional $ 100 million round of business expansion and deployment. SaaS solution through strategic partnerships with leading companies in the field such as Lift and OLA.

Gett already provides services to thousands of companies around the world, with about a third of the Fortune 500 companies already on Gett’s customers, and it is expected that this list will grow in the coming months due to growing interest from other companies.

Gett was founded in 2010 by Dave Weisser and Roy Moore. To date, the company has raised over $ 750 million.


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