Gerri Eickhof explains toilet rhyme at the end of the journal | Entertainment


“Beforehand I looked at how the broadcast was put together. And I thought: Pooh, heavy broadcast, I come to the end with a topic about toilets at the campsite, so there can be a light touch. It is a perspective on both the subject and my own role, ”explains 62-year-old Gerri. “The rhyme expresses that there is a smile and a tear. A small tear, in this case. ”

The conscious rhyme at the end of the item about camping toilets went as follows: “Even for seasoned campers, it is no fun to have to poop on a chemical toilet. And if you can’t just pee, that actually stops many people. ”

The reporter states that he had not previously discussed it with his supervisor. Also, the many reactions do nothing to him. “I do not care. I just enjoy doing such a rhyme. ”


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