General mouth mask obligation or not? “Mouth mask only a valuable aid in places where it is busy”


Another strategy to get the people involved is talking about the “second wave”. According to infectiologist Frédérique Jacobs and epidemiologist Yves Coppieters, we are not going to experience this, because the number of hospital admissions is not increasing and the so-called R value fluctuates around 1. Are people unnecessarily frightened?

“The problem is that there is no definition for what we call the second wave,” says Van Gucht. “What we do observe is that we have seen a consistent increase in the number of infections since mid-July. If you look at that visually on the curve, you see a second wave emerging.”

Van Gucht believes that a second wave can indeed be discussed. “It is true that there is no increased pressure on hospitals and that there are also no major outbreaks in residential care centers. The severity is currently very relative, but if you wait too long, those problems will arise.”

That second isn’t as bad as the first wave, in other words. Then we lagged behind. “I don’t think it’s a matter of scare tactics, but a matter of making it clear to the people that we need to tighten up because there are more infections. We can explain why that is necessary.”


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