Gelderland is massively claiming compensation from Lelystad airport


In Gelderland, nearly seven thousand letters have been sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. These are so-called bounce letters against Lelystad airport. Citizens and companies had to report in writing before April 1 of this year in order to be able to claim compensation in the future for, for example, the depreciation of a house.

Decision-making on Lelystad Airport became time-barred on 1 April. Those who reported after that date do not have to count on compensation later. A total of 13,025 letters were sent.

Earlier this year, the municipalities of Hattem and Heerde alerted residents and companies to the five-year limitation period. They decided to help citizens with a sample letter.

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More than 6,800 objections have been sent to the ministry from Gelderland municipalities, most of the letters of interruption come from our province. The Cooperating Action Groups Against Low-flying (SATL) speaks of a strange situation. “The opening of this ‘holiday airport’ has been postponed time and again due to erroneous reports and pressure from society. As a result, no one knows whether and if so how much damage, for example through depreciation of houses, can be damaged should the airport ever open. ”

‘Homes worth up to 10 percent less’

An engaged law firm estimates that an average home in Gelderland will fall in value between 3 and 10 percent, SATL reports. “For a house in Gelderland of 313,500 euros, the expected fall in value is 9,405 to 31,350 euros.”

The ministry eventually received 13,025 letters in which letter writers take an advance on damage after opening Lelystad. The counter that handles the letters has declared 130 of them invalid, because they came in after 1 April of this year.

The vast majority of letters are from private individuals, 12,764.

One of the activists who campaign against ‘Lelystad’ is Ben Schrijver of HoogOverijssel. “We were against low-flight routes when we started, but there is so much wrong around the airport,” he says. Writer speaks of cheating facts. “You shouldn’t reward that.”

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