Gasly: ​​’I also asked Red Bull last year for a more experienced race engineer’


Pierre Gasly also experienced a more when he drove for Red Bull last year race engineer asked, but not received. Alexander Albon this year. Gasly: ​​”Apparently Red Bull is now doing this because they think it’s the right thing to do.”

Gasly drove twelve Grands Prix for Red Bull in early 2019, after which he was exchanged for Albon. Gasly has blossomed again with Toro Rosso, now Alpha Tauri, and shows his strongest side again in early 2020. After a great final piece of 2019, Albon is now having a hard time at Red Bull.

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“I also don’t know why Alex is struggling,” says Gasly in conversation with a select media company, including FORMULA 1. “However, in four races, I have been on the grid twice for him in a slower car,” Gasly said. with the Frenchman who also starts again for British Thai on Sunday.

To help Albon, Red Bull has him another one starting this weekend race engineer given: the very experienced Simon Rennie replaces Mike Lugg, who is a lot less experienced and last year Gasly’s race engineer was.

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Mike Lugg and Pierre Gasly.

In his own words, Gasly – who does not explain when – in his time at Red Bull has also experienced a more race engineer asked. “To be honest, I did, yes,” says Gasly, who says whether he would have helped him at the time.

The reason Gasly insisted on this (in vain) at the time was his own lack of experience. “I had only been in Formula 1 for a year, was little experienced. I knew I was fast, but I would have liked someone next to me who was more experienced. Which, like me, was not new to Formula 1. ”

“That made it more difficult for me,” he admits, although there were “more reasons why we weren’t as competitive as hoped then,” he said. “I know those reasons, and so does Red Bull. We both know that things could have been better, but that is now a thing of the past. ”

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Simon Rennie and Alexander Albon. Albon had even fewer starts to his name than Gasly when he came to Red Bull.

“That Red Bull is doing this now,” he says of Albon’s substitution engineer “Apparently because they think this is the best thing to do,” Gasly notes, saying it is positive that the team is taking action in this way. “They are making changes now. That’s what I wanted at the time. ”

When asked whether this shows that he was not the problem last year, Gasly does not want to comment. “You have to decide that yourself. I think I let you know how I feel about it. ” When asked, he also disputes that he is a different person this year. “Is that me? I don’t feel any different. ”

“Of course I have been through a lot, professionally and personally. You grow from and through that. As a driver I am probably more satisfied with the current situation, because I can now get the best out of myself. But another person? No. I only have a different hair color ”, he laughs.


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