Ganz answers Netanyahu: Cuts in the biennial budget? It’s Pike


The interview with the blue and white chairman

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The Minister of Defense and the Deputy Prime Minister, Bnei Gantz, Supports protesters against the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Whom his son Yair called “aliens.” In an interview at the Ynet studio this morning (Tuesday), Ganz said: “They are everything but this unfortunate expression, aliens.”
“People who groan under the harsh reality in Israel and choose not to sit at home during this period, but to go and express what they want, I think they are citizens worthy of all respect and appreciation,” Ganz added. “At the same time – I am against incitement, I am against violence, I am in favor of keeping the law within these demonstrations. Care must be taken with health safety, because a demonstration is a crowded place with very high friction, we are in the era of Corona.

“These demonstrations should be allowed, I think our very existence in the government, our insistence on the demonstrations and the preservation of democracy in such a difficult era, I am satisfied with this matter,” stressed Blue and White chairman, two days after his coalition partner, Prime Minister Netanyahu, He said it was a matter of “undermining democracy.”

Yair Netanyahu on “The Aliens”

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The budget dispute still threatens to lead to elections – if a budget is not approved by August 25, the Knesset will disperse. According to Ganz, he will insist on the existence of an agreement between the Likud and Blue and White on a biennial budget, and not just what is left of 2020, as Netanyahu demands, in a way that will allow him to prevent the rotation around the next budget.

“We need to provide the Israeli public with a good economic plan, it should probably be expansive. In an era of economic crisis, we do not really make cuts, we do it when the economy returns to full employment, it’s all pike,” Gantz said, after Netanyahu warned that a biennial budget It means significant cuts and cuts.

If a three-month budget had now been submitted, Gantz asks, “Holiday budget, the fourth month would not have come? No need to make decisions? It’s all practical stories. Need one budget, stable, expanding, that takes into account the economic uncertainty in the country. “It’s all five quarters, that’s what should happen, it would have allowed for political stability as the agreement says. The business is very simple – what does the State of Israel need? The best economists and commentators have talked about it and I insist on what we agreed on.”

– Do you have a fear that someone is trying to do a political exercise for you? After all, the meanings are not just economic.

“I’m not naive. I know there are certainly other considerations for those who choose to make a move that have no economic rationale, no rationale for political stability, but I leave it to the commentators to locate the reasons.”

– We can not understand whether in November we are in the election.

“I very much hope not. If Netanyahu wants stability in the State of Israel here – he should go for what he concluded.”

– Did you ask the chairman of Shas, Minister Deri, to demand the existence of the agreement?

“The ultra-Orthodox parties, and all the partners in this agreement, guarantee the existence of the agreement. Whoever does not abide by it will explain later what happened. The ultra-Orthodox, too.”

– Do you feel involved? On the right side for you?

“I think the ultra-Orthodox think that something stable is needed here, something lasting. The ultra-Orthodox society is unfortunately in a lot of difficulties, we see within the ultra-Orthodox society very big corona challenges as a result of the overcrowding they live in. And the lack of economic stability is not good for anyone in Israel, not even for the ultra-Orthodox. ”

Ganz added: “My connection with the ultra-Orthodox is excellent, the talks are broad and long, I am full of appreciation for the ultra-Orthodox society and I am also full of demands for the ultra-Orthodox society. I think that due to my connection with the ultra-Orthodox society, the ultra-Orthodox have more space than ‘Netanyahu alone.’

The Knesset PlenumThe Knesset Plenum

“The ultra-Orthodox think something stable is needed here.” Ganz with Deri

(Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

– Yesterday the small corona cabinet convened for the first time, you did it to streamline decision making and I look at this cumbersome government, what’s the difference? ““Although the government allows for political stability, it is a large government with a number of ministers. I am willing to reduce the number of blue and white ministers at any point in time that the prime minister wishes.”

– Did you talk about it?

“We’re talking about this thing and I hope one day it will happen.”

– Are you afraid for the prime minister’s life? Is there a danger to his life?

“When someone incites and it doesn’t matter which side he incites, he does not know what will happen at the end of the chain so I am against incitement of any kind.”

– But you have intelligence, you are still the defense minister, is there intelligence that threatens his life?

“The prime minister is the most secure person in the State of Israel, the GSS does its job faithfully, I leave the considerations of personal security to the professional authorities. At the public level, we must not incite against anyone and God forbid that we reach a violent incident, unfortunately we see their buds in the demonstrations. “

Assuming there may be an election on the agenda, you will be a blue and white chairman at all costs?
“I established resilience for Israel, I established from it Blue and White, which today unites other parties, but the idea of ​​Blue and White remains in force. I did not go even a third of the way and I have no intention of stopping.”

– Are you surprised by the anger of your camp towards you?

“I am not surprised, I understand the anger because people had hope and I also have the illusion that anything is possible, after three elections and in the face of the Corona crisis I thought that something else should be done for Israel. I understand the anger, I understand the pain, I talk to the people Goddess, but I continue to do what is possible for the benefit of the state. “

– Do you have a fear of civil war?

“I think if we are not very careful in the aspects of incitement we may get close to it, I will do everything possible so that it does not happen.”

Preventing the attack on the Golan Heights border

(Photo: IDF Spokesman )

Ganz also referred to tensions in the northern sector, on the borders with Syria and Lebanon, a day after the IDF attack in Syria in response to the terrorist attack. “I hope the sector does not heat up, but in each sector in the south, north and center to some extent – security activity is constant.

– What happened at night?

“The IDF attacked targets in Syria because of the activity that happened the night before. We are not ready for Syria to allow terrorist activity against the State of Israel, and every time there is activity we will talk about armaments with the Syrian government. “We will not agree that Iran will open a branch of terrorism in Syria, we will act against this matter and wherever they act against the State of Israel, the State of Israel will respond, very simply.”


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