Gantz tells Hezbollah: “Only an enemy who has no logic in his head will dare to check on us”


Defense Minister Bnei Gantz today (Monday) visited with the Deputy Chief of Staff and General Home Front Command at the Corona headquarters located in the Home Front Command. The Defense Minister addressed the security threats and said, “Along with the war of the corona defense system, we face challenges in the north, south and elsewhere.”

Tonight, as in the previous incident, Gantz said “IDF force recognized the terrorists immediately responded and prevented an incident.” Israel”.

Ganz sent a clear threat to Syria and Lebanon, “Any terrorist act that emerges from a sovereign state against Israel will be responded to at the right time and place.”

The Minister of Defense spoke about the high level of vigilance at the borders, “the increased vigilance continues and I am strengthening the IDF forces led by the commander of the IDF, Major General Amir Baram, who are on guard.” Ganz threatened Hezbollah and said, “Only an enemy who has no logic in his head would dare to check Israel’s readiness to respond.”

The Minister of Defense referred to the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense in setting up the system of tests and investigations, “I am here in the Home Front Command together with the Deputy Chief of Staff and the Home Front Command, behind us the task force to cut the contagion chain, it is practicing this week.

He added, “The defense establishment in all its branches, the IDF and the Home Front Command in particular, are involved in any effort that the State of Israel needs in order to interrupt the chain of contagion. “The IDF knows how to win missions, together with the civilians, together with Prof. Gamzo and the Ministry of Health, we will lead to the amputation of the infection chain in a way that we can return to a routine of life in the shadow of the corona. There is no other way, it must be done.”


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