Gamzo: “Reduce morbidity to hundreds by September”


Removing restrictions and promoting an outline for opening the sky

The program’s recommendations were received last night by the Corona Cabinet and will be brought in during the day for government approval. According to Magen Israel, the use of closures to reduce morbidity will be postponed, and the need for it will be re-examined in about two weeks. Restrictions will also be removed on businesses during the weekends, and on stays at public playgrounds. In addition, in line with Prof. Gamzo’s recommendation, the Corona Cabinet authorized the Ministers of Health, Foreign Affairs and Transport, together with the National Security Council, to promote the “Blue Character” outline for the opening of the sky on 16 August.

The plan also includes a new policy for red and orange cities, according to which a comprehensive support system will be established for populations in these localities, while ensuring the isolation of the family unit, enforcing restrictions on gatherings, restrictions on the education system and increasing HMO assistance.

According to Magen Israel, from September 1, the “Traffic Light” program will come into operation, regulating a uniform procedure for city activity, depending on the morbidity of each authority. The “traffic light” program includes five levels: normal activity, extended activity, limited activity, limited activity and prohibited activity.


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