Gamzo and Edelstein: Obviously we were able to stop the virus, we will not rush into further restrictions


Corona Projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, said today (Sunday) that there is a stabilization in the morbidity curve and that We are very close to a decrease in morbidity. In a joint statement with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, Gamzo said that when it comes to additional restrictions, “we will not be reckless, we will align ourselves with things that have differences between them.. According to him, It will be easier to lower the restrictions when the morbidity graph goes down. “

Prof. Gamzo referred to the recent decisions he has made, including the transfer of powers to the Ministry of Defense and the IDF, and said that “the army is doing its job in every aspect, including entering a more comprehensive information process and understanding what is happening in the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors. We are close to a situation where the morbidity will decrease. We are still in a stable zero line, the reduction is critical in all sectors. “The goal, according to Gamzo, is to reach the holiday season when Israel will be defined as a green, dependent state In the discipline of all of us, in cooperation, with the heads of the authorities and the leaders of the sectors. “

The prime minister said he had instructed government ministries to present long-term and short-term plans relating to “all important aspects of state operations.” This, he said, “so that we can ensure the successful passage of the corona.” Netanyahu added that “we are buying vaccine options. I can not say that a vaccine will be found, but the signs are currently encouraging. If there are vaccines, I want Israel to have access to them – to the medical staff, the at-risk populations and the rest of the public.”

Like Gamzo, the health minister also claimed that “obviously we were able to stop the virus, but it is not enough.” He said, “We have proven that when there is good teamwork and assistance, it is possible to achieve in the field. The numbers are still high, and we must continue to make an effort. It depends on the cooperation of us all. If we make the effort together, we will not only stop the spread. And interrupted the spread of the disease. “

Regarding the health system’s concerns about a flu wave scenario and alongside an increase in Corona morbidity, Edelstein said that “we have had some discussions about it. We have 3 million flu vaccines, and we continue to look for more vaccines. There will be a clear priority of who gets the vaccine. He further said that the possibility of rapid tests for Corona is being examined, so that anyone with symptoms can get an answer immediately.

According to the updated data of the Ministry of Health, yesterday 625 corona patients were diagnosed in Israel, against the background of a particularly low number of tests that stood at 7,739. There are 26,153 active carriers in Israel, of whom 340 are seriously ill and 96 of them are respirators. 531 died from the plague.


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