Gamzo against the decision to admit 16,000 yeshiva students from abroad: …


During an interview with the weekend news, the person appointed to the corona project, Professor Roni Gamzo, criticized the decision to allow 16,000 yeshiva students from the United States to enter Israel ahead of the holidays:

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“It’s a decision that was made before I took office,” Professor Gamzo added. “I am not yet completely closed on what additional instructions we need to give.”

The project manager addressed his goal of increasing trust between the Ministry of Health and the public. “Everything will be arranged in the coming week,” he said. “There will be a re-look at the restrictions and this time at a round table, where everyone will be. We will hear everyone. We will come in order, with the professional consent of the CEOs and then we will arrange everything.”

“My strengths are the professional strength,” Gamzo explained from where he draws his authority and also addressed the issue of powers that has resurfaced in recent weeks. “All government ministers understand that I am the answer to this complex dilemma, society and economy, and medicine. And the truth is that I feel full backing and extraordinary influence with full backing of the prime minister.”

Professor Gamzo claimed that as soon as Netanyahu approached him, he agreed to take on the complex role: “As soon as the prime minister said that there was no other solution and that Professor Barbash’s candidacy did not help, I said – I will lead.”

Gamzo claimed he was not looking at previous failures in crisis management. “I really want to take the citizens of the State of Israel forward,” he said. “Yes, there were mistakes, and yes, there were restrictions that I did not see the logic in and that distanced the public. Whoever comes here sees open and here closed, he says: it seems unlikely to me. Especially the one who lost his livelihood.”

According to Gamzo, we may be able to fly abroad again in the coming month. “I think during August the sky will open,” he said. It is definitely a realistic goal. ”

“I was given a lot of responsibility,” Gamzo concluded. “Really, a lot of responsibility, it’s not easy and I feel it on my shoulders – I serve the citizens of the State of Israel. I have confidence in my way. Not sure I will succeed, but I really think we are all together, all citizens of the State of Israel, if we know how to integrate Hands we will succeed. ”


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