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פרופ 'רוני גמזו

Prof. Roni GamzoFairies Parush / Flash90

Corona’s professor Professor Roni Gamzo criticizes the decision to allow 16,000 yeshiva students from the United States to enter Israel ahead of the holidays.

“We need to do something smart here and prevent another fire here. This is a decision that was made before I took office,” added Professor Gamzo. “I am not yet completely closed on what additional instructions we need to give,” he said in an interview with Weekend News.

Gamzo claimed he was not looking at previous failures in crisis management. “I really want to take the citizens of the State of Israel forward,” he said. “Yes, there were mistakes, and yes, there were restrictions that I did not see the logic in and that distanced the public. Whoever comes here sees open and here closed, he says: it seems unlikely to me. Especially the one who lost his livelihood.”

According to Gamzo, we may be able to fly abroad again in the coming month. “I think during August the sky will open,” he said. It is definitely a realistic goal. ”

“I serve the citizens of the State of Israel. I have confidence in my path. I’m not sure I will succeed, but I really think we are all together, all citizens of the State of Israel, if we know how to join hands we will succeed.”


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