Galant Lagantz: “Take responsibility – join us for immediate approval of the budget proposal”


Education Minister Yoav Galant tweeted tonight (Monday) on his Twitter account an appeal to the chairman of the Blue and White faction, Benny Gantz. Minister Galant wrote: We must approve an immediate budget to open the entire education system in time. The education of the children of Israel is first and foremost.

NIS 1.5 billion is ready in the Treasury for the benefit of supplementary education in the education system, including battle plans, Hila, the community centers and many others. Unfortunately, the money cannot be transferred as long as there is no approved budget for the State of Israel.

I call on the blue-and-white chairman, Bnei Gantz: Join us for immediate approval of the budget proposal – so that we can prevent the cancellation of these important educational programs and prevent the dismissal of thousands of teaching staff. ”


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