Galant Lagantz: “Discover responsibility and approve an annual budget”


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The budget storm continues: Education Minister Yoav Galant this evening (Monday) called on blue and white chairman Bnei Gantz to agree to an annual budget approval immediately – in order to prevent harm to the start of the school year. This is in the shadow of the controversy that threatens to dissolve the Knesset. Coalition agreement and transfer a biennial budget.

“Gantz, take responsibility. Put politics aside and do not hurt the opening of the school year on September 1,” Galant said. “We must approve an immediate budget to open the entire education system in time. The education of the children of Israel is first and foremost.”

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According to him, “NIS 1.5 billion is ready in the treasury for the benefit of supplementary education in the education system, including battle plans, HILA, the community centers and many others. Unfortunately, the money cannot be transferred as long as there is no approved budget for the State of Israel.”

“I call on the blue and white chairman, Benny Gantz: Join us for immediate approval of the budget proposal – so that we can prevent the cancellation of these important educational programs and prevent the dismissal of thousands of teaching staff,” he concluded.

Earlier today, Ganz called on Netanyahu to approve the postponement of the budget approval date until tomorrow, and presented his own outline that would allow the legislation. “Those who love the State of Israel are not taking it to the polls at this time, those who care are not taking steps to the economic and health collapse of many in times of crisis,” he said. “The Likud’s decision last night to agree to postpone the approval of the budget, if it is indeed such – an important and necessary decision for the citizens of Israel.”

“I call on you to pass a government decision today and give constitutional validity to your promise to discuss and approve the state budget within 100 days. That way we can remove the election threat from the public agenda,” he told Netanyahu. “Tonight the government will approve a government bill to amend the deadline for submitting the budget, the Knesset will pass it and within 24 hours the proposal will also be approved on second and third reading. It is possible, it is constitutional, it is true, it is moral. I promised the people of Israel to see its good above all, “Do it together for the people. There is no other solution.”

On the other hand, the Prime Minister said in response that “we do not need 24 hours or 24 minutes, we have a budget ready and adapted to Corona, exactly what the citizens of Israel need today. That’s right away. “

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