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This past week we were exposed to quite a bit of interesting news in the fields of technology, and if you missed anything – we are here to summarize what happened and bring you the hottest stories we have reported on in the last week. From the 5th-generation frequency auction that has finally ended, to the removal of Fortnite from the app stores that led to lawsuits against Apple and Google and through new smartphones and some more information about Microsoft’s next-generation console – this is Gadget’s summary of the week.

Going out with 5G in Israel

This week, the Ministry of Communications informed the cellular companies in Israel of the frequencies they won as part of the frequency tender that began a week earlier. The companies were divided into three groups, each of which paid a different amount for tracks in the 700MHz, 2600MHz and 3500MHz frequency ranges, with the largest amount coming from the group consisting of Cellcom, Golan Telecom and Marathon (018 Expon). Not long after the end of the tender, the Ministry of Communications gave its official stamp to the sale of Golan Telecon to Cellcom, thus removing the latest regulatory restriction on a deal valued at over NIS 600 million.

5G logo

Fortnight Against the Giants of Technology

In a pre-planned move, Epic, the developer of the game Fortnite, introduced a new independent payment option for the game in question on Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android. The move led to the removal of Fortnite from the app stores due to non-compliance with the terms of use of the app stores, which require the use of only the payment systems of Apple and Google.
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Epic expected this removal, and in a quick response filed lawsuits against the two companies, in which it seeks to rearrange the issue of payments within apps and games available in the Appstore and Google Play app stores, claiming that Apple and Google are exploiting their alleged monopolistic power to charge a high 30 % Of every transaction in in-app purchases. Epic also showed an impressive sting in a video that tracked Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial, announcing in the lawsuit that it is not interested in compensation, only in changing the rules in app stores for all developers.

Fortnight (Photo: Epic)

Microsoft: Foldable device and new console in November

Microsoft provided quite a bit of interest this week, much of it came from the announcement of the new Surface Duo folding device, which offers a pair of 5.6-inch screens that together make up an 8.1-inch screen. The device is capable of folding to create a phone with a smaller screen, supported by the Android operating system, which has been adapted to Microsoft’s Windows 10X interface. The device will be available for purchase starting in September at a price starting at about $ 1,400.

Surface Duo (Microsoft Source)

News about Microsoft’s next-generation console also arrived this week, and it seems that November 2020 will be the date when the Xbox Series X will be launched. Along with Microsoft’s announcement, there was also an interesting leak that confirmed the existence of another console that will come alongside the Xbox Series X, this is expected to come under the name Xbox Series S with a lower price tag.

Xbox Series X (Image: Microsoft)

An impressive new smartphone from Shiomi

Shiomi celebrated its tenth birthday this week, as part of which it introduced the new flagship device Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which offers an impressive flagship specification with two features that have received special emphasis. One is extremely fast charging with a power of up to 120 watts, this will allow to charge the device’s battery in full in just 23 minutes according to the company statement. The new device will also offer fast wireless charging that will allow full charging in just 40 minutes.

Another feature that received emphasis came in the field of photography, where the company offers 4 cameras with wide-angle and macro photography capability, as well as the option of performing digital “ultra zoom” up to 120 times.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (Photo: Xiaomi)

Is transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android and vice versa on the way?

Although it is not yet an official feature available in the WhatsApp app, a peek at the beta versions of the app indicates that the company is considering the possibility of synchronizing the message history between devices from different platforms. Adoption of this feature may in the future bring the possibility of synchronizing the messaging history between iPhone and Android devices, and vice versa – a feature that is especially requested for anyone looking to purchase a new device from a different platform than the one used so far. We hold fingers that it will come, and beautiful one hour earlier.

WhatsApp (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki, Gadget)
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