G Suite gets new features for the mobile app


Nizhnevartovsk, Russia – February 22, 2013: Man hand holding iPhone 4 with Gmail App. iPhone is product Apple Inc. Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google.
With a dark mode, new image display and other features, G Suite aims to make remote collaboration easier and more efficient.

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With home working becoming the norm in the near future, Google is working on new features for their business apps. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced a number of additional features for G Suite, the cloud-based collaboration tool for businesses and organizations. In the mobile app, Google adds improvements for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition, the apps also get a dark mode in Android.

Additional functions

In Slides there will be a vertical scrollbar stream which makes it easier for users to move through presentations. The new feature also allows users to switch to a presentation or editing mode. In the following weeks, Google will roll out this image to Android, followed by the rollout to iOS.

Docs will get a link preview function, which was previously available in the web application and in iOS. The previews will also come to Android in the following weeks. “When you click on a link in Docs, you will see a card with dynamic content information along with a visual thumbnail.” In this way, Google wants to ensure that users are less distracted when they read a document.

The ‘Smart compose’ function is also coming to Docs. This AI-driven function corrects spelling errors and makes text suggestions. In this way, Google states that Smart Compose saves users 3 billion keystrokes per week and also avoids spelling mistakes. This feature was previously available in Gmail, but is now also coming to Docs mobile app in Android and iOS.

The G Suite mobile apps for Docs (Android / iOS), Sheets (Android / iOS) and Slides (Android / iOS) can be downloaded via the hyperlinks.


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