Fuss because of massive, illegal ‘racing event’ in Enschede


Tubantia writes about hundreds of cars that came together at the event, where they showed off and raced with upgraded and converted (racing) cars. The mayor of Enschede Onno van Veldhuizen is, according to RTV Oost, unpleasantly surprised by the illegal event.

Stricter supervision

“We do not want this and certainly not in times of corona where I recently announced stricter supervision,” the mayor writes in an email to the city council from which the broadcaster quotes. But he says nothing has come of that stricter supervision.

In the email, the mayor announces an investigation. A spokesman for the municipality says that he has nothing to add to the report from RTV Oost.


Politicians in Enschede react surprised to the meeting. For example, CDA group chairman Ayfer Koç calls the situation ‘bizarre’ and councilor Vic van Dijk also wants to know how this could have happened.

A day before the meeting, the police had seen a vague message about the event on Facebook, to which only a very small number of people had responded, a police spokesperson says. She said it was about tens.

But that turned out to be wrong, a police officer saw in a video last night. Too many people were standing close together on the video, so the police went to have a look.

Less people

Once arrived, officers saw significantly fewer cars than in the video. The police asked other attendees to leave and no fines were issued.

According to the police, no reports of nuisance were received. According to her, the team chief of the police and the mayor have a talk on the matter tonight.


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