Full AZ email from Van Praag leaks out: ‘Transparency is of paramount importance’


The email sent by Michael van Praag to AZ has been leaked via Quote journalist Mark Koster. The UEFA driver was unpleasantly surprised when AZ wanted to claim a direct Champions League ticket through legal means and expressed his displeasure via an email to AZ director Robert Eenhoorn.

‘I actually don’t think it is possible’ and ‘I also knew nothing about it, but I am now being held to account that it can apparently happen in this way that you operate in this way in the Netherlands’ was stated in the email from Van Praag, knew Quote to report in mid-June. Koster has now shared the entire e-mail via Twitter.

Van Praag already predicted that AZ’s appeal would make little sense. ‘It is also really counterproductive for you internationally, because transparency is of paramount importance at UEFA. So a pity. ‘ The outcome of the story is known: UEFA did not hear from itself and started the draw for the second Champions League preliminary rounds on Monday, with AZ. The Alkmaarders were linked to the Czech Viktoria Plzen.

In the Wednesday edition of the Algemeen Dagblad a large interview with Van Praag appeared, who did not mince words. The former chairman of Ajax found it shocking that his role at UEFA – because of his Ajax past – was questioned by AZ adviser Karim Aachboun. “Only now that the case has been settled, I will respond to this matter. AZ has tarnished my honor in a way that I really don’t think it is possible. It says it all that UEFA has not even formally responded to AZ, but just has the draw. performed for the preliminary rounds, “he said.


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