French scientific council warns that epidemic “every m …


The French Science Council has warned the government that the country may return to an uncontrolled revival of the COVID-19 epidemic “any time”. In a report that was made public on Tuesday, he calls, among other things, to test people faster.

“The evolution of the epidemic in the short term is largely in the hands of the citizens,” the opinion said. Regardless of the situation during the summer holidays, the Council considers it “very likely” that a second wave will occur in the fall or winter.

The report was submitted to the government on July 27, after the number of newly confirmed cases increased by 54 percent in the week of July 20-26. “The balance is fragile and we could end up in a less controlled scenario at any time, such as in Spain,” the council writes.

Prevention plan

To avoid a second wave, the scientific council advises to make prevention plans for the big cities. He also asks the government to improve access to tests, because of the high demand, people are currently waiting too long.

Finally, the Council also proposes stricter checks on travelers returning from risk countries. They must be tested on departure or arrival and quarantined for a fortnight.


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