French roads fill up on the first black Saturday of the year NOW


On French highways to the south in particular, holiday traffic caused an early delay on Saturday morning. The peak was announced: it is the first black Saturday of the year.

On the Route du Soleil (A6 / A7) between Vienne and Orange, the delay was already two hours around 7.30 am, the ANWB reports. Traffic on the A10 from Paris to Tours and Orléans also had to queue for two hours at that time.

According to the ANWB, the first traffic jams on black Saturday often start around 5 a.m. In addition to the roads to the south, traffic on the A20 at Limoges and the A75 at Clermont-Ferrand in central France is also delayed.

The ANWB advises Dutch holidaymakers to only leave on Saturday after 10 a.m. to avoid the worst crowds. “It is even better to start on Sunday”.

Also crowded towards other European holiday destinations

It was also early Saturday morning on other European roads towards popular holiday resorts. On the north side of the Gotthard Tunnel, a notorious bottleneck in Switzerland, it was 1.5 hours traffic jam around 7:30, according to the ANWB.

Holidaymakers also left early in Germany, Italy and Austria. In Germany, the biggest bottlenecks arise in the south: around Munich and in the directions of Austria and Slovenia. In Austria, the A11 near the Karawankentunnel “looks almost like a parking lot this summer,” says the ANWB.

In Italy, many holidaymakers are on their way to the Adriatic coast. On the A1 between Milan and Modena, the delay was nearly two hours early on Saturday morning. Also around the large lakes in Northern Italy and towards the Mediterranean, traffic must take into account peak crowds.


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