Free shooter Hyper Scape will be released soon


Ubisoft’s new free-to-play battle royale game is called Hyper Scape. This first-person shooter will be released on August 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. On that date, the first season, called The First Principle, kicks off immediately, giving players new options for the Crowncast Twitch.

Memory Shard

In addition, the new season is of course also there to make gamers more familiar with this new IP. It’s about a mystery within the Hyper Scape that comes from Prisma Dimensions. You will collect Money Shards while playing to learn more about the characters. There is one new Memory Shard to discover every week. In this first season, you get a new medium range weapon: Dragonfly. In addition, there is a new hack with which you can trap opponents: Magnet. You can expect a total of eleven weapons and eleven hacks in this first season.

You may think: another battle royale game. That’s right: it is indeed another free to play battle royale game, many of which we’ve seen in recent years. However, this copy was developed by the studio behind Rainbow Six Siege and is set in a futuristic urban setting. That sounds soothing, but it is by no means: this game is chaotic: a lot is happening in your screen and you have to anticipate quickly to stay ahead of the rest. Moreover, this is a first-person shooter, which we do not often encounter in this genre.

Hyper Scape beta

If you already play Hyper Scape because you do the beta on PC, please note: it ends August 3 at 9:00 AM. So take a break. By the way, it’s worth getting your hands on that beta this weekend: there’s a special rewards event live that will give you 600 Bitcrowns when the game launches on August 11.

To do this, you must have linked your Uplay account and played at least one hour or one hour on Twitch watching a Hyper Scape streamer (with Crowncast Twitch extension). Also good to know: cosmetic items that you have earned in the beta are included in the final game.


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