Four were arrested on suspicion of assaulting protesters


Towards an evening of protests: In Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Caesarea and other centers around the country, thousands of Israelis will demonstrate tonight (Saturday) against the government’s conduct. On the other hand, right-wing activists will demonstrate in front of the house of Supreme Court President Esther Hayut. Also, many demonstrators at about 300 intersections and bridges across the country for the sixth week in a row. Meanwhile, three were arrested when they sprayed water at demonstrators at the Sderot junction and a demonstrator was stopped at the Ashkelon North junction when he cursed and spat at demonstrators.

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The police in Jerusalem authorized the protest organizers outside Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence to hold a procession, and announced the blocking of Balfour, King George, Hillel, Menashe Ben Israel and Agron streets. Paris Square was also blocked for traffic from all directions and hundreds of policemen were deployed in the area.

It was further emphasized that alongside maintaining the safety of the participants, the police would not allow the protest to be turned into a “demonstration of violence against police officers, civilians or property”, as it were, and that violent riots and riots “would be treated with zero tolerance and determination”.

The “Black Flags” organization said that no march was planned, but a request was submitted for approval if it would take place. Because these are several organizations – not everyone agreed with the request out of a desire for a free and unplanned protest.

“This week we were exposed to how far the accused is willing to go against the people of Israel for his interests. The incitement and hatred that comes out of Balfour towards citizenship and citizens is further proof that he is incompetent. The violence that comes out of Balfour “We will break out. This is how the entire people of Israel deserve leadership that works for the people and not for tax benefits, not for cutting coupons from vessel and submarine deals – leadership that is engaged from morning to evening in resolving the economic health crisis. We will continue every week – until Bibi resigns.”

In addition, a statement published yesterday on the check pages of “Komi Israel” and “The Insults” on Facebook read, among other things: “In recent days, various parties have been trying to appropriate the protest for themselves. You have not been given it. We will not be a sponsored protest or a protest on behalf of.

It read, “Our authentic, exciting, creative and sweeping protest grew out of the field and not from air-conditioned offices. Crowds of young, determined and loving people came out of the house and flooded the streets. “Not on our backs. The protest is ours. Come as citizens, come because you are citizens. Do not ride on us.”

Demonstrators at Yehudit Bridge in Tel Aviv, tonight Photo: Daniel Wasserstrom

Jewish Bridge Jewish Bridge Photo: Daniel Wasserstrom

Demonstrators at Nir Banim Junction, tonight Demonstrators at Nir Banim Junction, tonight Photo: Yariv Tzri

“Feeling helpless, something has to change”

Maria Estreicher, 30, a regular protester in Balfour, testified before the demonstration on Saturday night that “there is a very great sense of helplessness from the situation. Something must change. I personally was hurt by the corona and there are jobs closing. For almost five months I did not receive a normal salary. Two months apartment. In general Netanyahu with the accusations against him can not continue. See all his statements in the media and see the situation on the ground and it seems that someone is working on me and it does not make sense. I would rather fail a complete failure than the current situation. “The role. Bibi is not the king of the world and he is not God. He is addicted to a chair and power.”

Demonstrators at Halacha Bridge, tonight Demonstrators at Halacha Bridge, tonight Photo: AFP

According to Maria, “there is great unity in the demonstration. Good people from all walks of life. You see families and you see careerist people there. Even if there are people who say they are bored, it is not true. They have no money so they go out to demonstrate.” As for the fear of disturbances, she said that “a demonstration is a disturbance and protest against the existing order. The police instructions are irrelevant I will demonstrate until when I feel I have been happy enough.

Simultaneously with the protest in Jerusalem, the independent organizations will demonstrate on the Charles Clore promenade in Tel Aviv under the title “Fighting for Bread.” Lilach Sapir, head of the restaurant association’s struggle headquarters, said “not only the health side needs a projector. The economic epidemic needs to be managed. The government has approved a plan that encourages businesses to close instead of open, and there is no solution that encourages restaurants to open and return workers.”

In the Cabinet of Hope, which unites the independent organizations, they blamed Netanyahu for the economic crisis. “The Prime Minister of Israel – the economic destruction on your conscience,” they said. “Stop wasting time and messing with nonsense. The self-employed, the restaurateurs, the cultural figures in Israel demand a plan to save more than a million self-employed and unemployed people who have been sentenced to economic destruction because of your hysterical and stuttering policies.”

Actors Liraz Cherki, Zohar Strauss, Hani Nachmias, Tali Sharon, Dov Navon and Shmuel Vilozny released videos calling on the general public to come to the demonstration.

Demonstration in front of the Supreme Court: “Defending a Jewish and democratic Israel”

In addition, starting at 10:30 PM, activists of the “Front for the Liberation of South Tel Aviv” led by Shefi Paz and Doron Avrahami are expected to demonstrate together with activists of the right-wing organization “If You Will” in front of the house of Supreme President Esther Hayut in North Tel Aviv, under the heading “Come defend On a Jewish and democratic Israel. ”

The statement from the organizers of the demonstration stated that “the High Court ruled this week that it is permissible to demonstrate in Balfour in front of public figures even at 23:00, because the right to demonstrate is sacred. “We have no doubt that the judges of the High Court will also view our demonstration in the affirmative and congratulate it. We will meet on Saturday night in the square in front of the magnificent mansion of Supreme Court President Esther Hayut.” It should be noted that since the repeal of the deposit law in the High Court, activists from South Tel Aviv and “If You Will” have been demonstrating on Fridays near Hayut’s house.

Last month, Shefi Paz and two other activists were detained for questioning after they spray-painted graffiti on the house of graffiti that read, “Esther Hayut, you buried Zionism,” “Thank you for burying the Law of Return.” Paz was also brought to court following an arrest warrant against her for failing to appear for criminal proceedings in which she is accused of vandalizing EU institutions in Ramat Gan last year.

Paz and the activists of the “Front for the Liberation of South Tel Aviv” were under another storm for weeks when they pasted stickers that read “Jewish blood is not no man’s land” outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices Uzi Vogelman and Esther Hayut in Tel Aviv and outside the home of former judge Aharon Barak. Outside his door a complaint to the police for threats.


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